Security Systems

أنظمة أمنية


أحمى بيتك من خلال هذا النظام الامنى الذى يتصل مع موبيل و خط التليفون الارضى لحمايه منزلك او شركتك 

يتم أيصال هذا الجهاز مع عده حساسات مختلفة التخصص مثل


1- حساس للحركة رأسى

2- حساس للحركة أفقى

3- حساس كاربون اوكسيد

4- حساس غاز طبيعى

5- حساس فتح الباب و الشباك  

6- حساس كاشف للحركة للاسوار و ابواب المخازن و الجراجات


البانل الرئيسية 



AD830 Dual network alarm control panel is the core part of the entire security alarm system, processes signals from each alarm terminal, through the control panel or remote control devices, arming, disarming, system settings and other operations. The host via wire or wireless ways connected to the alarm terminals, installed appropriate alarm terminals such as, KAIPULE  completely independent property rights: carbon monoxide alarm, magnetic contact, infrared sensor, infrared fence alarm, sound and light devices in the region where need to arm, in order to build a complete security alarm system.When the illegal invasion, the terminal will send an alarm signal to the control panel immediately. The control panel can output sound and light warning, either by phone or GSM, send to the alarm station centre,  and send alarm information to the portable terminals or other devices at the same time.


 wireless accessory

ملحقات التى تعمل لاسلكيا 


IX30 Wall PIR Detector

كاشف للحركة لاسلكيا يركب على الحائط



IX30 Series of Wireless PIR Intrusion Detector takes advantage of digital microcontrol Energy Collected Process and Dynamic Random Time Division Technology. By use of high precision cylindrical Fresnel Lens,increase its energy received efficiency. High sensitivity and accuracy combined with advanced software technology, make it more effectively detect true invader, or other competitors that may cause false alarm. Excellent detective and false-less performance, optional pulse count, completely meets various environments, reduce potential false alarm possibly, high performance compared to other competitors, large capacity internal battery.  Exclusive.power saved solution, it supports at least 2 years.
●16 million unduplicated encoding
●Cover tamper switch alarm
●Battery power level monitors realtime
●Cover flat throw architecture, install more easily
●Ultra low power consumed design
●Fuzzy  arithmetic tech, reduce false & miss alarm battery life up 2 years


IX32 Ceiling PIR Detector

كاشف للحركة لاسلكيا يركب على السقف 



   Wireless Alarm Ceiling PIR Detector / Pet Immunity Sensor
1. Adpots self-designed MASK chip with DMT technology
2. Low power consumption, built-in big capacity batteries
3. Detection distance: diameter 10m@25°C / Detection angle: 360°
4. Pet Immunity under 15kgs
5. Wireless Emitting Frequency is 433MHz / 868MHz 
6. Anti-EMI >30V/m(30MHz~1GHz) / Anti-white Light >8000LUX
7. Consumption Current is 9uA(static)/20mA(alarm)

 IM20 Wireless Magnetic Contact

حساس فتح الباب و الشباك لاسلكيا


 IM20 is a "MINI" type wireless magnetic contact, as an important part of KAIPULE's
wireless alarm host,  immediately detect door&window opening or closing status,
anti-block cover. Battery level monitors real-time,creative exterior design, smooth
lines, home decoration match well, easily integrated with the installation environment. IM20 matches wireless host by code studying, registers its unique address ID to the host.  As one trigger separated magnetic contact type, it will trigger alarm immediately when its separates from host, in case of intruding from door or window.

●16 million unduplicated encoding
●Cover tamper switch alarm
●Real-time battery level monitor
●Cover flat throw architecture, easy installation
●Linetype LED indication 
●Micro power consumed design,standby more than 3 years


 EN61 Natural Gas Detector

كاشف تسريب الغاز الطبيعى يعمل لاسلكيا 



 EN61 household combustible gas alarm, also called fuel gas alarm, is mainly used for detecting the leakage of fuel gas to prevent gas poisoning or explosion. It is equipped with advanced combustible gas detecting elements, having the characteristics of high sensitivity, low power consumption, fast response & recover speed, stable performance and long working life etc. Support alarm linkage & wireless alarm function, so it can send signal to the alarm host and control the linkage device when danger occurs.
●MCU control, high reliability, less false alarm 
●Spot sound&light alarm, enable to trigger remote network alarm system
●Ventilation or turn off the gas linkage device


Independent Smoke Sensor Fire Alarm

جهاز انذار كاشف لدخان الحريق 


 ES61 Smoke Detector is a battery powered independent photoelectric smoke sensor fire detector, advanced photoelectric system design, smoke channel on the back, makes it more convenient for smoke entering, and it has quite high sensitivity especially at early period of smoke scattering. Unique appearance and installing design, make it easily integrated with installation environment. The detector has excellent power-saving performance, 3 PCS AA battery can make it work up to 3 years. The detector has high-level smoke detection sensitivity, quick response, it will give loud alarm sound once detected the smoke and send out wireless alarm signal.

●Special structure photoelectric sensor design 
●Low power consumption, beautiful and durable
●SMT chip processing technology production 
●High sensitivity, more stable and reliable


 Wireless Intelligent Remote Control

 ريموت كنترول



 RC10 is a mini wireless remote control with 4 buttons. As an important part of Kaipule wireless alarm host, it has the functions of panic button & household host remote control. With novel design & unique emitter with 4 buttons, it is convenient to carry and can be regarded as a decoration. It gets extremely high sensitivity within 70M. Through codes setting, RC10 can control wireless devices easily & conveniently. What抯 more, you can.use traditional away arming / disarming, and send emergency information through panic button. Simple operation can protect your life and property more effectively. High quality is your first choice for modern smart home system

●4 independent functional buttons
●Remote arming / disarming, convenient & simple, remote emergency call, securely hidden
●Away arming / home arming
●Comfortable & exquisite design, foolproof graphic interpretation button
●Low transmission power, signal output indicator is visible
●Compatible with all wireless hosts or other alarm systems of Kaipule


 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

جهاز انذار مونو أكسيد


Using TI ultra-low power micro controller, high performance electrochemical sensors,
more stable, reliable, accurate, long life and other advantages, real-time detect concentration changes of toxic carbon monoxide, alarm immediately when exceeds safety standards, remind you to take effective measures quickly to protect the lives and the safety.

●Independent sound&light alarm,easy installation 
●LCD screen display
●High performance electrochemical sensor
●Intelligent backlight control
●One-key self-checking function 
●Independent three LED indicators indication
●Touch operation, friendly interface, easy operation 
●Ultra-low power MCU
●Low battery indication
●Convenient handle peak query
●Built-in sensor failure detection function
●Monitor gas concentration and give sound&light warning once over standard value